Dwight Hwang Gyotaku Art

Gyotaku Art:

Dwight Hwang

Dwight Hwang creates classical Japanese gyotaku art and European nature printing.Whether his subject is a fish, plants, birds, or even a person, he pushes not only the art but himself to bring awe, memories, and quiet contemplation to viewers worldwide. Partnered with institutions like NOAA and Patagonia, his work has been exhibited in museums such as the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, displayed in hospitality such as the Four Seasons Resorts, and showcased in publications including Forbes.

“My many years in Japan have taught me some very important things. However, one that stands out and remains to sculpt how I view the Japanese approach to life and artistry is the cultural love and admiration for simplicity, fleeting moments and the 'Perfect Imperfection'. To take an imperfect subject and emphasize these imperfections to be beautiful. It is my wish to show and convey this mindful philosophy to others.”

Dwight Hwang