Limited Edition Gyotaku Prints of “Singled Out” Reproduction



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Special Limited Edition prints of a custom piece made specifically for the cover of the saltwater fly fishing magazine, “TAIL”.
This gyotaku piece, entitled “Singled Out” portrays a violent scene of a bull Mahi-Mahi bursting out of the water and singling out a fleeing Flying Fish, while three others escape.
100 count.

We pride ourselves for being able to not only print them proportionately correct, but also be able to create a print in a different perspective.
In this particular piece, we decided to roll the Mahi into a subtle 3/4 perspective and twisting it’s body to give it more depth and motion.
Same to the Flying Fish.

This reproduction is produced on thicker machine made Japanese Washi paper, hand cut and hand stamped.
The closest to being an original piece, without being an original.

Written under my red name seal is the title, date, my English name and the print number.
Last photo is of the magazine and how this piece was used as the cover.

Faithful to the original Japanese style of creating memorable prints for the avid fisherman.
Handsome and would be VERY stunning behind a glass frame on any wall of ones home or office.

Makes a great gift for that special angler, nature lover or any one who loves fish and appreciates this unique Japanese art form. Would make a great conversation piece for that special room or office.

Gyotaku is the traditional Japanese alternative to Taxidermy that began several hundred years ago by a ingenious calligrapher. Meant as a way to record a proud catch for fishermen, it is also a stunning art form. All of my prints are done in the old, traditional “direct” method where Sumi ink is applied directly onto the fish and then covered with Washi paper to produce an exact, mirror image of the specimen.

Last two photos show it showcased by float mounting inside an Italian corkwood veneer shadowbox frame with scratch free acrylic glass that we can build for you.
If you would like us to frame it, a shipping fee will be collected separately for the exact FedEx quote.

Please don’t hesitate in contacting me regarding this print or other specimens that you may be looking for!

Paper Type

Handmade Washi Paper


40×24" framed, 40×24" unframed